• This modern health information exchange system will radically change the way physicians are able to share health records. The ultimate goal is to speed up access to critical health documents while reducing costs and improving coordinated, high quality care. Joining a health information exchange like GLHIE is the cornerstone of that effort for us.
    Andrew Rosenberg, MD, CMIO, University of Michigan Health System
  • As a health care provider and employer, Michigan State University partnered with the Great Lakes Health and Information Exchange to ensure the best possible care for our patients and employees. GLHIE allows robust exchange of health information across institutions and providers, which improves quality while decreasing cost. We are proud of our role in fostering the development of GLHIE and we are proud that it continues to make a difference in the lives of Michiganders across our state.
    Lou Anna K. Simon, PhD, Michigan State University, President
  • Our vision is to ensure that correct, timely and complete information is confidentially and securely available at the point-of-care for use by the caregiver for the benefit of the patient. GLHIE leaders do more than talk about tomorrow. They are making data exchange possible, today, for the benefit of their clients and the people they serve.
    Dennis Swan, CEO, Sparrow Health System
  • I think it’s just remarkable how data bypasses our records staff and goes right to the provider inbox ... as the connection gets more robust the amount of man hours saved will be in the hundreds per year per provider per office.
    Arthur J. Ronan, DO, Lake Lansing Family Practice
  • We continually find test results which are unknown to us on our scheduled patients on a daily basis in the Virtual Health Record. This certainly has helped us deliver better coordinated care but it has also helped our physicians meet insurance plan incentives that have the potential to increase our reimbursement percentage rates.
    Beth Charles, PM, Lake Lansing Family Practice
  • We have connected to GLHIE to ensure that our patient’s health care information is available to the many providers who touch each family. This adds safety, improves physician-to-physician communication and ensures that accurate information is available at the time of care.
    Christopher T. Beal, DO, FACO. Owner, CMIO, St. Johns Internal Medicine, P.C.